Online Docstore Secure File Management

Welcome to the online doc store ... this innovative product from silvertrees web development makes sharing and storing documents a breeze: Secure client access to document & files. Easy admin - where you can add and notify clients in seconds. Unlimited file types / extensions plus the ability to manage the maximum file size. Our Standard package starts at 2GB with easy upgrade to larger storage if required. Your files are kept secure online with: Daily Backup - Weekly backup - Monthly offsite backup.


Online Docstore Dashboard

Your dashboard gives you all the important information at a glance:
See how much storage you have used, your subscription expiry date,
and the number of documents you have uploaded.



File management made Easy

Managing documents has never been easier!
Online Docstore includes powerful filter and search mechanisms
to keep every document at your fingertips. 


Assign files you add to relevant clients or users 

Online Docstore's secure file transfer system allows you to assign
documents to one or more users. Instant notifications and 24/7
access ensures each file gets the VIP treatment it deserves.



Create categories to store your documents  

Online Docstore provides a multi-level category creation tool,
which allows you to create related parent and sub-categories for
storing your files.